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"حول فلم "إغواء جميل

بجمالها ودهائها, تقوم مايكو بالبحث عن رجل يناسبها. وفي ليلة, وجدت تارو, أحد المرشحين لمنصب رئيس الوزراء. كل شيء سار كما خططت له لكن تارو يكتشف حقيقتها ألا وهي أنها "يوما" وتريد تدمير البلاد. ماذا سيكون مصيرهم؟


Meet The Cast of The Real Exorcist Movie

مخرجي الفيلم

Meet The Crew of The Real Exoricst Movie
مخرجي الفيلم


The Original Soundtrack of the film was released today! Purchase the songs from the link below👇

The original song “The Fallen Angel’s Theme” by #TOKMA is available in this album only! ♫

How the song is used in the film is a big surprise for you!

"Elohim's Theme" sings about God Elohim who descended to Earth 150 million years ago to teach love and justice.

The singer, Hisaaki Takeuchi told us that when he recorded this song, he song as if he is praying 🙏🏻

Available on ♫

"Panguru's Theme" is an image song about Panguru who protects God Elohim right by his side 🐼
How she is determined to protect him is portrayed in the song.

Available on

It expresses her sadness💧and strength🌪, and sexiness🔥.

The other star coming back to this film is #AlphaCentauri.
Yes, it's the planet Halle, a girl from Part 0 & 1, is from! 🌟 Althogh Halle won't come back to "The Age of Elohim", the spirit of Alpha Centauri is carried away.

Through back to the scene from Part 0 🙂

Thanks to @worldfilmgeek !!😊

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